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"La Crosse, WI-based singer/songwriter makes her indie debut with a heartfelt and beautiful album"

- Bret Huus, Sound Strations Studio

Lilliana has been preparing for this moment since she first took the stage at age 7 when a local band allowed her to sing an original song she wrote while they were on break.  The crowd went wild and the passion for performing was ignited.  She continued learning and growing as a musician and performer.  Lilliana sings and plays guitar, ukulele and piano.

After years of writing and performing, Lilliana decided to share her music with the world through her first album "Romantic Affiliation" containing 10 original songs and a new version of Radiohead's Creep.  The music takes the listener on a relatable journey through the life cycle of a romantic relationship from the initial discovery and joy associated with finding that special someone to the breakup and eventual realization that you need to love yourself.  The music is indie pop with flavors of Jazz, Pop and Rock.  

Lilliana currently performs locally across Western Wisconsin and is looking forward to expanding her following as her music is shared across the country and beyond.  

"Lilliana is set to be one of the year's rising stars"

- Dr. Hilary Bingol, Mayo Health System

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